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About Us

The world is changing fast. And while these changes can be scary and overwhelming, exciting new technology is where people are finding solutions to the issues that currently face us, as well as those on the horizon. Embedded software will play a key role in resolving forthcoming problems in various different spheres - such as business, communications and healthcare.


That’s why Algo Ltd. is applying its deep and comprehensive experience to the advancement of embedded software development. Our team of learned and highly-skilled engineers possess the proven record of technological discipline and acumen that is needed in order to facilitate the next stages of our technological evolution.


With backgrounds in the commercial and military sectors, Algo’s founders have the necessary credentials to apply state-of-the-art, modern solutions to your technological infrastructure. Using the most innovative methods in embedded software and electronic communications, we seek to help bring industries up to speed with progress.

Algo has provided support and resources to organizations at the forefront of healthcare and assisted living technology. They have contributed to the success of research and development in neurology, with proven results in Israel and expanding abroad.


Providing support in a broad range of fields with a core focus on embedded software solutions, Algo swiftly integrates new and useful technology into the facilities that need them the most.

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